We'll help get you and your child FINALLY SLEEPING!

A bit about me

Hello, my name is Lorrie Tansowny and I'm  a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant. I have extensively studied the many methods of sleep training, read the literature and want to help you with improving your child's sleep. I am a mother and grandmother and a retired Pharmacist. I've spent my professional career teaching and problem solving with clients and look forward to tackling your sleep challenges. You can fill out our contact form or email me directly at [email protected] and I'll start on a plan for you


Once you've decided to use our services we will email you a one page form to fill out.  It gives us information about you and your child and the situation(s) you are concerned about.

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Sleep Consulation

In the privacy of your own home or at your favorite coffee shop we will meet and I'll have an opportunity to get to know you and your child.  If you prefer this step can be completed by phone.

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Sleep Plan

After our consultation I will sit down and make a specific plan for YOU.  I'll provide a written set of suggestions and discuss them in detail with you.  Once you initiate the Sleep Training I will follow up for the next 14 days by phone/text and be available for more support if needed.

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